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Miami Airport Closes Terminal as TSA Workers Refuse to Work Without Pay

As the government shutdown officially becomes the longest in US history at 22 days, TSA screeners in Miami International Airport have recused to work without pay, forcing the airport to temporarily close off a terminal to consolidate fewer staff members. 

A spokesperson told media outlets that the security checkpoints in terminal G would close after 1:00 pm Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 

Terminal G is one of the airport’s six terminals. While arriving passengers will be allowed to exit through the terminal, departing passengers will not be allowed access to the terminal.

TSA employees have been calling out sick at double the normal rate since the government shutdown began on December 22 and without even any speculation of an end in sight, managers aren’t confident they can keep the 11 checkpoints staffed for the duration of normal operating hours. 

In a somewhat domino effect, nonfederal employees will now be affected as retail employees who work in the shops and restaurants within that terminal will also be forced to go without work.

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  1. Folks…This is what it will take to get the Govt running again. If your have no money to buy gas to get to work, food, electricity, babysitters, mortgages, rent, etc…you have to take matters I to your own hands….and take our country back from POTUS abuse of power. This shut down effects everyone, not just federal workers. I say TSA can bring government back to operational status just by all of them AGREEING to stay home for 1 day! It’s going to take a REAL NATIONAL EMERGENCY to get POTUS to see he can’t use Americans to get what he wants.

    • Maybe tell the Dims to negotiate a solution. They haven’t even made suggestions, just refuse to discuss because they hate Trump!
      And these people should get NO back pay like everyone was promised!

      • Did he not have two years of Republican controlled House and Senate to pass this? What happened? Can’t blame Democratic leaders for this one and America has spoken in 2018 elections. Please respect the process put in place by your forefathers.

        • The border wall proposal, has always been unpopular even with some GOP leaders. His reason for the wall is to get kickbacks from contractors, to enrich himself and family. He knows that wall will be ineffective. Noticed that he is proposing a steel wall at the moment., while lifting sanctions on a russian steel mogul…… Once again glorifying russians. # this man. is glorifying, one of America s biggest rival . #. WHY IS THIS MAN STILL PRESIDENT????????????????????????

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