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Michael Rapaport Disses Kodak Black “You’re Not Even A Top Ten Mumble Rapper”

Kodak Black has been causing a lot of controversy the past couple of weeks and his latest comments referring to #Tupac and #Biggie haven’t been sitting well with some fans, including actor/comedian Michael Rapaport. 

The Florida rapper stated that his rap status is comparable to #Nas, Tupac, and Biggie. He claims that he’s better than them because he lives by what he raps about and Pac and B.I.G are only legends because they’re dead. 

Michael Rapaport has developed a reputation for aggressively speaking his mind, so when he heard Kodak’s personal comparisons to the three iconic rappers, he took to Instagram in an attempt to set Kodak straight. “Kodak Wack…I mean, Kodak Black. The non-rapping rapper said that he should be looked at in the same category as Nas, Tupac, and Biggie.”

Rapaport continued, “He also said that Tupac and Biggie only became legends because they died. You’re not dope! You’re not a dope rapper. You have no skill set. You have no flow. You have no vernacular. Without the face tats, the wild hairdo, and the short stint in prison, you’d be working at UPS. You know, like Biggie said, ‘Don’t be mad, UPS is hiring.’ That would be you. No disrespect to UPS. Comparing yourself to those dudes is a guy playing basketball in his backyard shooting airballs comparing himself to an NBA player. You’re not even a top ten mumble rapper. [Get] the f**k outta here with that crazy s**t.”   

Somebody may need to take Kodak’s phone for a while until the heat dies down.


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