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Mike Vick Would Love A Coaching Gig With The NFL

Shortly after officially announcing his retirement from the NFL, Mike Vick is thinking about his next move. The former NFL quarterback tells ESPN that he would like to pursue an NFL coaching career down the line.


“I would love to coach in the National Football League one day,” Vick told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “… At some point, I’d definitely love to help work with young quarterbacks and develop them and still compete, you know, with the team and with the coaches.”


He continues, “It’s another way to chase a championship. You know I’m not done. I’m not done by any means. You know I didn’t get the championship when I was playing, so, hey, maybe I’d get lucky one year, maybe fortunate enough to join the staff that may be good enough.”


Vick says he’s also interested in coaching at a collegiate level.


“I think my heart is really into teaching, you know, the game of football,” Vick said. “I feel like I’ve learned so much from so many great coaches over the years. You know, I don’t want to bottle up a lot of knowledge, and [I] really can’t relay the messages that I want to relay to a high school kid because … you don’t have to dumb it down, but you can’t be as complex. And I get that.”


“So [at the] collegiate level or professional level, you can express ideas. You can go into detail. You know you can coach hard, and that’s what I want to do.”


Vick is willing to wait for a chance to coach.

“I know there’s enough coaches out there that I know who, you know, have enough respect for me and my understanding of the game and know that I can bring value,” Vick said. “So I just want to take it slow and just let it happen naturally.”

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