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“Moonlight” Star, Ashton Sanders, Talks Best Picture Mix-up, Says Flub “Was More So Exciting” 

The Oscars’ infamous “Moonlight”/“LalaLand” Best Picture mix-up has been the topic of conversation since the incident occurred. While many have expressed their disappointment with the blunder, others made light of the situation. Some believe the incident may have overshadowed the film’s historic win. On the other hand, “Moonlight” star Ashton Sanders,  believes otherwise. In fact he tells TMZ that he enjoyed the win more after the mix-up.

“I was just blessed to be there from the beginning,” he said.
“Everything happens for a reason man, I think it was supposed to happen the way that it did. It was honestly more so exciting, to tell you the truth, that it happened that way,” Sanders, who played teenage Chiron in the award winning film, added. “It was super rad.”
TMZ asked Sanders if the film’s historical success, being the first all-black cast to win Best Picture, marked a turn a turning point in cinema. To which the actor responded, “definitely,” adding that it is a “turning point for art, in general.”
He said, we live in a “progressive time for art right now, I think it gonna showcase within these next couple of years a lot of dope ass art, more woke ass work, which is what we’re here for as artist. So it’s really f*cking tight.” 

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