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Ballerific Beauty: Naturi Naughton Named AJ Crimson’s First Brand Ambassador

Naturi Naughton can now add brand ambassador on her resumé along with songstress and actress. Naughton made her debut in the early 2000’s with R&B girl group, 3LW. The songstress then broke into the film industry with her debut role in the movie ‘Notorious’ and now she’s a star on the hit show ‘Power.’

Most recently though, Naughton has teamed up with cosmetic company AJ Crimson Beauty as their first ever brand ambassador. The collection will feature a three-piece lip gloss collection composed of bold colors created for the confident and daring woman. The colors are “She’s Everything”, “Ooh…I’m Cute” and “Power Play.” The lip glosses will retail for $22 each.

The cosmetic brand chose Naturi as their ambassador because she “embodies” the message the brand stand for. The brand is about uplifting and celebrating women of all ethnicities while encouraging them to embrace their unique beauty and realize their boundless potential.”

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with AJ Crimson on this signature lip gloss collection. I think it’s so important – especially now that I have a little girl of my own – to remind women to celebrate themselves in all their many hues and shades,” says Naughton.

The actress continued, “As a child and even during my time as a professional singer, people mocked my complexion, lips, and so much more. It weighed me down, but I’m glad we’re living in a time when we can make sure all girls know how beautiful they are and that they should be celebrated.”

Will you be adding Naturi’s collection to your makeup kit?

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  1. Glad to see a dark skinned woman get some endorsement money but never forget her character on Power is trash. I always would think why is Ghost f#cking over Tasha but then I remember that this young wild b!tch wanted him to keep selling drugs even though he was making millions from a legal club business. Also f#ck LaLa, you’d rather work on a B-List show than have super athlete babies with Melo, she so stupid. Lebron got 3 kids, Wade got 2, Steph got 2 kids but Melo got 1, now you and Melo side piece got the same number of kids even though you been with him for over 10 years? To busy chasing fame and not a family legacy.

  2. Frfr!!! Maybe now the girl from 3LW can stop showing her titties in dang near every role she play.

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