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NBA Beats Out NFL As America’s Favorite Sports Pastime

A new study shows the NBA is becoming America’s favorite pastime.

According to a new Twitter study, NBA was the most talked about sport in 2018, LeBron James was the most popular athlete and the Cleveland Cavaliers were the most talked about team. 

The word “pastime” used to mean a hobby that people went out and participate in but today it has formed into more what society is most interested in, such as sharing stats, recording reaction videos and other non-physical activities. This has created a new playing field for what pastime means in modern times. America’s favorite pastime was once the MLB, then became the NFL and is now the NBA. 

While the NFL has been a longtime love of the USA, the country’s growing love for the NBA and its disdain for the NFL’s ongoing protests have put basketball on a higher pedestal. Annually, the NFL brings in about $13 billion after you factor in the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But since the protests against police brutality were started by Colin Kaepernick, NFL ratings have gradually gone down.

Also according to daily nexus, when it comes to modern-day popularity the NBA takes first place. Both the NFL and the NBA came out with a list of top 100 players of 2018. The NFL came out with its top 10 players gaining 14.4 million followers on Instagram, while the NBA accumulated a whopping 107 million.

Another reason people are losing interest in football is because of its exploitation of aggression, and the health of its players at the end of their careers. Many former members of the NFL deal with trauma, brain injury and other variables that have become unappealing to younger demographics.

Within the next five years, it is predicted that NBA will be North America’s new favorite sports pastime.

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