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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Believes It’s Time To Do Away With The One-And-Done Rule

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The NBA’s one-and-done rule has been a controversial topic for years. While the rule aimed to allow young athletes to mature before entering the league, many people feel that it has caused more harm than good. 

Now, based on comments from NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, the league seems to be moving closer to a shift in eligibility. 

“My personal view is that we’re ready to make that change,” Silver said to USA Today.

Silver explained that he believes the league is ready eliminate the age limit and allow players to enter straight out of high school. 



In 2005, the league ruled that players must be at least 19-years-old in order to sign with an NBA team, thus creating the one-and-done college basketball era. Basically, players will go to the most beneficial college, play ball for a year, and then declare for the draft. 


Ultimately, many fans, experts, and commentators feel that this era has directly fueled a recent influx in bribery and corruption scandals. It is believed that, due to the fact that players can not sign contracts out of high school, they’re willing to accept money from outside sources. And, as shown in recent scandals, the school’s and companies are willing to offer big money and benefits. 


It was determined in April that a change in the ruling would be made by the NBA, not the NCAA. While players and league execs were not expected to negotiate the topic until 2020, it looks like change may be coming sooner than expected. 


Do you think that players should be able to enter the NBA right out of high school?

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