Nelly’s Rape Accuser Fires Back At His Request To Reveal Her Identity, Accuses Nelly of Intimidation

As the ongoing legal battle between Nelly and his accuser, Jane Doe, continues, the woman has officially responded to Nelly’s demand to reveal her identity, and now she’s filing more claims. 

In new legal docs obtained by The Blast, Doe accuses Nelly of intimidation by way of his recent request, and as a result, she wants his motion denied. 

“Nelly is attempting to intimidate his sexual assault victim into dropping her case by publicly ‘outing’ her,” Doe’s attorney wrote in the new filing. “There is no other reason.”

“There is no prejudice to the Defense in allowing Plaintiff to stay out of the public eye such that her identify remains known only to the court and to the parties here,” the attorney continued, adding that Nelly and his lawyers were made aware of her identity last year. 

According to Doe, since the courts have already ruled that allegations of “sexual assault and rape, as in this case, concern highly sensitive and personal subjects, and that forcing the victims to identify themselves publicly would deter those victims and others from reporting their assaults,” she should be able to protect her identity. 

If not, Doe says she will be exposed to “additional psychological trauma.” In the meantime, the lawsuit over the alleged 2017 sexual assault is ongoing.

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