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New Podcast Alert: Hold Yourself Accountable For Your Failures

Do you know someone who blames everyone else for why they haven’t reached their desired level of success? Do you know someone who doesn’t hold themselves accountable for their failures? Stix Malone goes in depth about these issues in his final thought.  What is some advice you can offer to those who point the finger at everyone else but themselves?


On episode 3 of Baller Alert’s “Hell Yeah We Said It” podcast, @eleven8 @stixmalone and @ferrarisimmons share their hot takes on the latest shenanigans taking over the internet.


First, we break down the Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma beef. Who is the winner so far? Should Nicki even respond?


Then we discuss Trey Songz’s sex tape and try to figure out if we know who the girl could be. Of course, we all know at least five girls who have slept with Trey Songz. Maybe she’s one of Stix’s friends?


Of course, we have to touch on Future’s comments about parenting, in which he says that his children have to sacrifice time with him because he’s a superstar. Is Future right? Should the kids sacrifice?


Listen to the entire podcast below!

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