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New Video Shows Mike Brown Didn’t Steal From Convenience Store

Two and a half years after the shooting death of Mike Brown at the hands of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, it appears new details have surfaced.


In initial reports, 18-year-old Brown was accused of robbing a convenience store and stealing several cigarillos shortly before the fatal shooting by Officer Wilson.  The robbery was caught on surveillance footage which reportedly showed Brown assaulting the store clerk.  Now, a second, previously unreported video has surfaced, showing Brown entering the store shortly after 1 am on the day of his death, handing over a small bag to the store employees and taking a bag of cigarillos in return. As he walks towards the door, he turns back and hands the cigarillos back across the counter and leaves the store empty handed.


The footage is said to be included in a new documentary by filmmaker, Jason Pollock, titled “Stranger Fruit.” It will challenge the theory that Brown strong-armed the store clerk and left the store with stolen merchandise. Pollock believes the new video shows Brown giving store employees a small bag of marijuana and receiving cigarillos in return as part of a pre-negotiated deal. He then stashed the cigarillos behind the counter for safe keeping. He later returns to the store to pick up the cigarillos, and that is the start of the surveillance video that was provided during the investigation into his death.


Jay Kanzler, a lawyer for the convenience store and its employees, denies that there was a transaction made, despite the video taken earlier that day.


“There was no transaction,” Mr. Kanzler said. “There was no understanding. No agreement. Those folks didn’t sell him cigarillos for pot. The reason he gave it back is he was walking out the door with unpaid merchandise and they wanted it back.”


Watch the video and let us know what you think.


It looks to me as if the store owner didn’t know his employees were making these types of transactions behind his back, and when he didn’t let Mike leave with his boxes of cigarillos, Mike took some. Things escalated quickly, and unfortunately, Mike was killed for no reason other than the store employees being cowards and liars.

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  1. Now, who was the criminal? It appears that there was things going on in that store and the owner appear not to have knowledge., So Mike Brown was not the only one in this situation that was doing illegal activity.. It sickens me to know the man at the store wasn’t charged with anything. Yet he committed a crime.. Mike Brown was killed for what? The judicial system isn’t for people of color, The police department, DA’s office, the entire system failed Mike Brown. Now it’s 2017 and they decide to bring out this tape, what is the reason behind this? Mike Brown is dead, police office was not charged, the store owner no charges nor fines. Why are they dragging up old videos? I guess they want to continue to dig a hole in the wounds of Mike’s family. Justice should be served for the loss of Mike Brown, his family didn’t ask for this situation, they were Mike Browns parents, what crime did they committ “giving birth to a BROWN man”. Blessings to the entire family, may your hearts be filled with Joy and Happiness.


  3. So now white america who was quick to convict who is a thug now? The store owner even said Mike was innocent. The police didn’t even wanna here that. Someone should still have to pay and the city should be sued out of their ass for this he was just a kid. SMFH

  4. They always make fake reports. The protect you(white people) and serve black people. Sorry but not sorry. It’s just the way it is and black people can never be racists(for the people reading this comment and say this is racist ?).

  5. Dr Cutyur Titsoff

    Sorry people but this video has absolutely nothing to do with the events that led to his death.

    Mike Brown wasn’t stopped for robbing the store. He wasn’t shot for robbing the store. He was stopped for walking in the middle of the street. He was shot for attacking a law enforcement officer. It only came out later that it appeared that he robbed the store but it was only coincidental and used to show hit character before the shooting.

    Multiple people testified that that he was shot and killed in self defense. The scientific evidence proves that he was shot in self defense. There was no evidence that he had his hands up besides one person out of twenty witnesses saying so. Even though that false narrative has been proven wrong time and time again, “hands up, don’t shoot” is chanted at protests around the nation.

    People wonder why there is such disparity in how the black community is viewed. It’s because a lot of what’s people see the black community constantly playing the victim card and they’re sick and tired of it. Mike Brown was rightfully shot in self defense, and yet BLM raises him up at their martyr. This website proposes that he didn’t do anything wrong several hours before his death by showing a video that has nothing to do with the events that led to his death.

    This video that proves nothing “surfaces” and here’s the social justice warriors backing Mike Brown and making claims of white privileged and news outlets serving only the white people. Black people can’t be racists. Blah blah blah blah blah. Tired of hearing it.

    • So, only beleive the eye witnesses that corroborate the officers story, but not the several witnesses who saw a kid gunned down over 100 feet away from the cop. Very sad that so many ppl are one sided on issues like this. But let it be your child and you’d cry a different tune.

      • Dr Cutyur Titsoff

        There were several eye witnesses to the shooting. I’m not sure how many there were, but the vast majority of them said the Michael Brown did NOT have his hands up and did attack the officer. Only one or two witnesses said that Michael Brown had his hands up and was doing nothing wrong before being shot.

        The forensic evidence provided by the bullet trajectory also tells the story that he was shot during a struggle and not simply standing with his hands up.

        My view is absolutely not one sided. My opinion is formed by looking at ALL of the evidence and coming up with my own opinion. It’s your option that is completely one sided. The vast majority of the witnesses side with the officers story and the evidence. Yet you still believe the word of one or two persons who is telling a different story.

        The recent shooting in Charlotte is similar. Several people testified that they witnessed the shooting and that the deceased was doing nothing wrong. Video evidence provided by body cams proves these witnesses wrong. When pressed, ALL of the witnesses that said they saw the shooting happen and that the deceased didn’t have a gun, changed their tune and admitted that either they “heard rumors that he didn’t have a gun” or that they simply didn’t see the events unfold and then saw the scene after the shooting happened and at this point, they never saw a gun.

        After all of this comes out and there is absolutely no reason to charge the officers, the black community protests. Hands up, don’t shoot. BLM. Burn down our own city. That’ll teach them.

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