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Nick Cannon Says Black Men Overlook Black Women And See White Women As A Symbol Of Success

Media maven Nick Cannon says Black men see white women as a status of success.

Nick Cannon is in the news again for another controversial statement that may have made a few hit dogs holler. The unapologetically open celeb discussed why Black men opt to date non-Black women, specifically white women, saying that Black men often see white women as a symbol of success.

During a conversation with his guest, Rizza Islam, on his YouTube show, Cannon discussed how, in his opinion, Black women are the most neglected, oppressed and overlooked demographic – which often happens a lot from the men in their race.

“White women are looked at as success,” he said. “In America, we see a white woman — ‘I couldn’t have you. My daddy couldn’t have you. My granddaddy couldn’t have you. I would get killed even looking at you.’ So, now, if I play for the NBA, I want ’em all.”

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  1. Is this why he constantly brings up kim kardashians name everyother interview 😒

  2. He is so full of it. I don’t see you dating your own race

  3. Nick absolutely correct! 💯

    • He is right! Some black men think like this and don’t want to admit it. He is telling his truth. The whole truth is the black man is trying to run thru as many white women as they can to piss on the grave of the white ancestors. The black woman is still in need of love and support. Who do she turn to? The white man? Myself personally love my black man and all his glory. I would NEVER turn to a race of people that think slavery was and or is okay.

  4. I agree with him to the fullest. However when’s the last time he’s dated a full blown black women himself Sooo I mean what’s his point about this statement??

  5. Way to take an entire conversation, pull a very small clip and twist it to fit a fucked up projection filled narrative. Quality journalism.

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