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Nick Young’s Ballerific Win Sparks an Old Feud With Ex-Fiancée Iggy Azalea

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While celebrating his NBA Championship Victory, Golden State Warriors shooting guard, #NickYoung, joked about his past mistakes before this great accomplishment. 

“I’ve come a long way haven’t I?” Young questioned. “I went from getting snitched on to putting this ring on.” 

 But who snitched on #SwaggyP? We recall two scenarios both where the California player was caught cheating on his then fiancé and Australian rapper, #IggyAzalea. 

The “snitch” he was referring to could have been his former teammate, #D’AngeloRussell, who recorded Young admitting to cheating on Iggy with a 19-year-old woman he met at the club. When the video hit the public, the couples’ engagement was tested, however, due to lack of evidence, the marriage was not called off.

Three months later, he found himself in negative light once more after the mother of his first child released to the media that she was pregnant again… by Nick. #KeonnaNecole and the NBA shared one son together before his public relationship with Iggy began, but according to her, their hooking up never stopped. Keonna claimed she reached out to Iggy multiples times to inform her of Young’s infidelities but wouldn’t get a response. 

If a video of Nick confessing his cheating habits wasn’t enough for Iggy to call off the wedding, the new baby on the way definitely was. So when the #GoldenState guard joked about finally receiving a ring, the “Fancy” rapper did not take it lightly.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Iggy clapped back in the comments suggesting:


“It’s so much better when you just take your team win & don’t include any celebratory references to you sticking your raw d*ck in countless chicks while you were engaged… at least… I think it is 🤷‍♀️”

After fans stood up for Nick enjoying his recent win, Iggy responded:


“Enjoy it without referencing your dirty d*ck. Not hard.”



Young tried to clear the air by commenting that he was not referring to Iggy. But by that time the “Work” rapper had already posted a screenshot of a thirsty thread of messages between her and the basketball player—one mentioning the two children he shares with Keonna. 



Which then prompted a response the #BasketballWives star:


“I’d prefer to sweep her scary a** but the way she’s set up she’d sue when I speak and tell the truth 💅🏽. I’m all about my coins so I wouldn’t waste a penty (I spelled it like that on purpose),” Keonna commented under Iggy’s picture.



After posting the screenshots and clapping back,  do you think Iggy still cares about Nick or was it a petty act to give one more thing to snitch about?

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  1. Sensitive much MsIggy? His comment did not come off as a jab at the has been rapper. And her attempt to insert herself into this mans win comes off as real desperate on her be half. She’s just mad her 15mins of fame is up and she passed on the now NBA champ. She just put herself in this man’s championship win! She needs to stop. She mad because the public has moved on passed her?

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