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Nicki Minaj Talks Safaree, Meek Mill, Her Influences & More In Sit Down With Funk Master Flex

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In light of her latest album release, Nicki Minaj sat down with New York’s own Funk Master Flex to hash things out and chronicle her 10 year rap journey. The two covered her come up that featured the likes of LilWayne and #GucciMane, the inspiration behind her fourth studio album #Queen, and everything in between.

When asked about rumors of her ex boyfriend Safaree writing her raps, Minaj made it clear that she’s always written her own rhymes. 

“It was never the truth,” Minaj said in response to Safaree backpedaling the rumors. “Everybody on the inside of the industry knows that I write my lyrics and out so much weight on women writing. And then for one person to do this to me out of sheer hatefulness, passive aggression, and vindictiveness…”

Minaj went on to pull out receipts by calling up their former group member, Loustar. According to Loustar, Safaree was “the hype man” of the group and actually got his raps written by him. 

The queens rapper also talked about her start as an up and coming New York MC. 

“With Biggie and Kim, Jay and Foxy, and Lauryn… it was so powerful, I didn’t have to look too far to have my  inspiration,” Minaj said. “And from early on, I’ve always said that.”



Minaj went on to discuss a piece of advice that #JayZ gave her in the past. 



“‘They’re always gonna hold you to a higher standard,’” Minaj recalled The Blueprint MC telling her. “‘They measure everything by you…they used to do the same thing to me.’”



Minaj also spilled on her relationship with ex-boyfriend #MeekMill. When asked if the two of them would ever possibly get back together, the rapper simply smiled and stayed quiet. 



The Queen’s rapper got very candid in the 80 minute sit down and touched on a plethora of other topics. Check out the full interview below:

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