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Nicki Minaj Talks Sex And Travis Scott Beef On The Season Premiere Of “Ellen”: “I Wanted to Punch Him In His F**king Face”

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The “Queen” Nicki Minaj made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres season 16 premiere episode Tuesday and came to set some things straight.

Out the gate, Nicki expresses to Ellen that she demands sex three times a night with no cuddling afterward and that it has to be atleast half an hour in between. “Once I get mine, if I feel really, really great, leave me alone! Go away. Go make me some food or a sandwich or something,” she stated. She also says she doesn’t have time for much foreplay either. “’I do end up getting men who like to kiss a lot, and I like kissing a lot, but it’s like, okay…definitely get to it. Do your foreplay stuff, do what you have to do, and hurry up. I don’t got time for all that.” 

Then she gave some advice to the ladies in the audience, “Do me a favor ladies. Realize that this is about you feeling good too. This is not about him only feeling good,” she said. “And I’ve found that the worse you make them feel, the better after, then they know how to do it better.”

The conversation didn’t end there. Of course, Nicki had to speak on her recent antics regarding #TravisScott and the alleged “Queen” snub on the charts. “I felt like I wanted to punch him in his f**king face,” she confessed. “It’s not anger. It’s just what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s fair. It’s just when you have a number two album to someone who is selling shirts and merch and selling passes for a tour that’s not even announced yet, it feels like you’re being tricked,” she explained.

The self-proclaimed Barbie says she is “the most grateful person in the world” and acknowledged that the dialogue over album sales was a good problem to have but she is also not here for the bullying and shaming from others in regards to speaking up for herself. “I love being grateful and remembering that things can be worse. I started from nothing. I’m one of those people, I get it… I don’t like being bullied and I don’t like being taken advantage of, and sometimes people use scare tactics against you because especially as a black woman, people will call you angry or bitter,” she said. “So now it’s almost like we’re not allowed to defend ourselves or stand up for ourselves, and I’m not going to have that.”

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