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Did Nicki Minaj Throw Shots at Remy Ma On ”Barbie Tingz”?

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It was over a year ago when Bronx female rapper, #RemyMa, released a diss record targeting #NickiMinaj. Although Minaj responded with ‘No Frauds’ the two have yet to settle their beef.

Today, the Queens MC released ‘Barbie Tingz’—an uptempo track addressing the characteristics of Minaj’s coined phrase, Barbz. In the single she says:


“It’s time to make hits and it’s time to diss

How you still dissin’, can’t find some hits?

Was it worth it dummy?

I ain’t mind a bit

Still on that show gettin’ no chips

Time to dip”


Referring to Remy Ma’s music career and spot on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop reality tv show. Comment what you think, #bars or #na?

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  1. Id be willing to bet she doesnt actually know about street fighter. Women can be needs too, but I find it hard to believe when a celeb suddenlycomes out nerdy and incorrectly references something. To be thats a big red flag that they are only doing it for the publicity. Nerd culture doesnt belong to anyone but I spent all of middle school and high school being teased for liking nerdy stuff. I get a bit mad knowing that and seeing people like this who never knew the struggle and just decided one day to like nerdy stuff because suddenly its cool.

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