Nipsey Hussle’s Brother Samiel ‘Blacc Sam’ Asghedom Has Requested To Be Administrator Of Rapper’s $2 Million Estate

Nipsey Hussle’s brother Blacc Sam is requesting to be the administrator of his late brother’s $2 million estate.  

Sam has filed a petition requesting to be the administrator of Hussle’s estate, saying he would need control over his affairs in order to manage future business endeavors. Sam writes that Nipsey’s “passing has created significant media attention, which, in turn, has presented potential time-sensitive business opportunities based on [Nipsey Hussle]’s likeness, right of publicity, and other intellectual property based on the media attention surrounding [Nipsey Hussle]’s exceptional life story and musical career.”

The 33-year-old rapper did not leave behind a will, and Sam lists the LA native’s property at $2,035,000. The family is also currently looking to have Nipsey’s daughter, Emani, under the guardianship of Nipsey’s sister #SamanthaSmith. Smith’s request has temporarily been postponed by a judge until a future court hearing, in which Emani’s mother, Tanisha, will be present.

The judge has yet to make a decision in regards to making # SamielAsghedom the sole proprietor over Nipsey’s affairs. 

Blacc Sam

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