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No One’s Relationship Is Perfect; We Have All Been Stupid At Least Once

Let’s be honest, we have all been in a crazy a$$ relationship where we have done some of the dumbest sh!t ever. Whether we snooped in their phone because we know for a fact they’re cheating, drove by his house to make sure he’s home like he said he was, or confronted the other chick he’s messing with. Most of the time it’s due to our maturity level, which usually takes place in our late teens to early twenties.

What puzzles me is how some people can turn their nose up at the next person like they didn’t wait 6-years for Lil’ Shooter to get out of jail or haven’t caught their mate cheating, yet they still want to stay while their mate does it over and over again. If someone wants to be stupid, let them. In some cases, people have to go through some situations to learn what they will accept and will not accept in a relationship.

Just because you have been stupid once, doesn’t mean you have to be stupid all your life. Don’t make the same mistakes over and over in every relationship.

I know now that most of us are older and we look at other people’s situations and say, “Thank God for growth!”

What have you done that was stupid in your past or current relationship that you can actually laugh at now?

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