No Ordinary Love: Why Are We Against Polygamy?

By definition, Polygamy is the practice of having more than one wife or husband at a time. Now, it’s not a popular practice in western culture by any means based on certain religious beliefs, societal norms, and personal preferences. If you even mention Polygamy in a sentence most people will immediately discard the conversation and roll their eyes at the thought, but why?

While I’ve never considered or ever felt inclined to be a participant in a polygamist relationship myself, I can’t help but wonder as a woman, what would it look like to “willingly” share your man with other women. Let’s be real for a minute, a lot of y’all are in relationships where you are unknowingly or unwillingly sharing your partner. Whether your girl has a man or two on the side or if you are the kind of man who stays creeping with a side chick. The traditional concept of a monogamous relationship structure can be incredibly flawed and seem unattainable to achieve. Is it possible? Of course, it is. But, what if we removed the stigma and had an adult conversation about what Polygamy really is and allow people to decide if this lifestyle is suitable for them?

All I’m saying is, pretending like every man and every woman fit into the box of loving and being faithful to one person only is silly. Some people have an insatiable desire to be with multiple people at one time and it’s unfair for them to “try” to conform to a lifestyle they really can’t commit to. Likewise, wouldn’t it be great if someone was honest enough with you upfront to say I don’t prefer to date or love you exclusively? Imagine having the freedom to choose whether you want to proceed with the relationship versus finding out that you’re the only one who is opting to be faithful and committed in your relationship.

Some would even say there are multiple benefits to polygamy ranging from increased trust and communication to improved financial security with all parties working towards a collective goal. Whatever the reason or lifestyle you choose, make sure you are educated on the subject and allow yourself an opportunity to learn and even unlearn certain traditions or beliefs that require you to live inauthentically. Are you in a polygamist relationship? Share some of the pros and cons and challenges with choosing this lifestyle.

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