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No Really! It Does Go Down In The DMs Temple University Student Slides Into Michael B. Jordan’s DMs

Well, Yo Gotti told us it goes “Down in the DMs,” I guess he wasn’t lying. 


21-year-old  Temple University student, Sylvia Wilson, decided to shoot her shot by sliding into Michael B. Jordan’s DMs. Wilson heard the actor was filming on campus for “Creed 2” and decided to take her chances. 


Wilson asked Jordan if she could get the actor a smoothie in exchange for a picture. The actor didn’t respond right away but when he did, he definitely made her day. “My notifications went off and that’s when I saw the DM. I was like, ‘Oh my goodness!’ And just started freaking out. He was really nice about everything! He was like, ‘Hey you don’t have to get me a smoothie just come and take pictures.’ But my friends were going to take pictures as well and he was like, ‘You guys can all come together as a group,” she tells #ENews. 



When asked why she offered a smoothie, Wilson responded with, “It was really hot outside and because I was doing my physical therapy and I figured he was training, I was like it’s probably not right to ask him out for drinks or something like that. I was like I’ll just see if he wanted a smoothie because I really wanted a smoothie. So I’m like, while I’m getting one for myself I may as well just see if he wants one.”



Whose DM are you guys trying to slide in?

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