O.J. Simpson Sues Las Vegas Hotel Over 2017 Casino Incident

O.J. Simpson is suing a Las Vegas hotel-casino, alleging unnamed employees defamed him by telling celebrity news site TMZ he was ordered off the property in 2017 for being drunk, disruptive and unruly.

Simpson has filed a suit against the Cosmopolitan Casino for at least $100 million over what he says is an allegedly bogus claim that he was drunk and disruptive during a November 2017 visit.

Simpson’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, said in a letter posted on Twitter that the casino “singled out Mr. Simpson amongst his non-African American friends and subsequently expelled him for what turned out to be a fake reason while he peacefully visited the Cosmopolitan.”

However, the complaint acknowledges Simpson got a notice banning him from the property after he spent several hours at a steakhouse and a lounge. The letter also demands that the casino should hold on to all evidence related to the incident.

Simpson, 72,  served nine years for armed robbery and assault after a failed attempt to retrieve personal memorabilia at a Las Vegas hotel back in 2007. He is currently on parole and living in the Las Vegas Area.

O.J. Simpson sues
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