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Offset Hospitalized After Car Crash

On Wednesday, Offset was hospitalized after he completely wrecked his green Dodge Challenger in a crash.


Although it remains unclear if anyone else was involved in the crash, no cops or emergency officials were called to the scene. In fact, according to TMZ, no accident report was taken either.


Offset was taken to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries and his car was towed. According to TMZ, the rapper’s fiancee, Cardi B, rushed to his side after the incident, but he is expected to be okay as he has already been released from the hospital.


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  1. Where did this happen? I thought failure to report an accident in most states would make that a hit & run? No one was called? Who took him to the hospital? He must have had something or someone in the car that he didn’t want us to know about. Drugs & groupies??? If he was hurt enough to go to the hospital then I think that means it was bad enough to call the cops. I’m sure the last thing he wanted to do was upset Cardi even more after Nobody Banks read her all over social media. Banks had a lot of good points. What babymama is Cardi? No, she can’t spell or speak well either and it’s not an act. Ratchet and she is praised for it, go figure. Still like her music more than Banks ijs

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