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“The One” Is Out There, I Just Need To Stop Thinking Everyone’s The Same

I know most of us are sick and tired of dealing with the men and women that we seem to attract. Some of us are ready to get married and have children but we just can’t seem to get it right or find “The One.”


The person you are destined to be with is out there somewhere but you have to stop thinking that everyone that crosses your path is the same. All men and women are not the same. Just because you dealt with a liar, a cheater or just a bum ass man or woman doesn’t mean the next person will treat you the same.


Honestly, you don’t know what the next will do, if you don’t give them a shot. The problem is that we constantly attract the same kind of people and it gets old fast. We want something refreshing that will fulfill every need and want, all while treating us the way we want to be treated.


We have to go in to the new potential relationship with an open mind as well as a different mindset. Mr. and Mrs. Right are out there. We just have to be patient, enjoy our new bae when they do come around, and see what the future holds.

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