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Woman Claims Oprah Ripped Off “Fix My Life”


In a new lawsuit, Otisa C. Strickland is claiming that Oprah ripped off her idea for her OWN hit series “Fix My Life.”  According to Strickland, Iyanla’s Fix My Life is pretty much identical to a show she created called “The Agency.”

Here’s the thing, Strickland says her beef with Lady O goes way back. According to her, she and Oprah got into a fight over a different show back in 2011. Ever since then, she feels she’s been on Oprah’s radar and even though she copyrighted “The Agency,” Oprah already had access to the treatment for it.

Like Fix My Life, “The Agency,” also features a counselor who travels across the country, going behind the scenes and into the homes of people who have major problems. Strickland is not only asking for a ton of money, but she also wants OWN to pull “Fix My Life” off the air.

Something tells me that somewhere, Oprah is unbothered by this lawsuit. Honestly, a counselor traveling across the country to fix people is a pretty generic idea. I think anyone could have come up with it.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Otisa Strickland has a case?

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