Oprah Winfrey Calls “Greenleaf” Lawsuit “Frivolous” and Wants it Thrown Out

Two women have accused #OprahWinfrey of stealing their TV show idea and using it to recreate what is now “Greenleaf.” Winfrey says they won’t get one coin. 

The two women say they shopped their TV treatment for their show, “Justice & Glory,” to OWN, but when the network turned it down it came back around and created another show that is very similar – which is now Greenleaf. One of the two women is a pastor and claims their idea was revised and made into the drama series we all now enjoy. 


Winfrey responded to the lawsuit calling it “frivolous,” and says the people who filed it “either do not understand copyright law or are pursuing it not withstanding its manifest lack of merit.” Both scripts are far from similar. 

According to The Blast, “Justice & Glory” is about a white, atheist U.S. senator investigating a world-famous leader of an international megachurch. Greenleaf tells the story of a single mother who returns to her father’s local Black-owned megachurch to reconcile deep-rooted family issues. 


Both shows feature a megachurch, Winfrey admits, but the two shows share no other elements. Winfrey says she wants the lawsuit thrown out and says no one from her production team ever knew about the women’s show idea. 

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