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Orlando Brown Caught On Camera Trying To Change Vegas Restaurant Locks 

On Sunday morning, Orlando Brown was arrested in Vegas after he was caught trying to change the locks inside a restaurant owned by his childhood friend and ex-Death Row artist, Danny Boy. 

According to TMZ, Brown’s unauthorized entry triggered a security alert on Danny’s phone, and initiated a 911 call. Upon arrival, officials found Brown on the roof, claiming he had permission to change the locks. 

However, when Danny denied the claim, Brown was arrested with bail set at $13k. 

Danny opened up about the incident to TMZ, revealing his old friend had just been released from a hospital two weeks ago, and needed a place to stay. He said he let Brown stay in the restaurant, but he seemed out of it on Sunday and accused Danny of stealing money from him. 

Now, after Brown’s run in with the cops, Danny believes pressing charges is the best way to help Brown. However, it may have just made things worse, as his bond in two previous cases has been revoked in light of the incident. 

His mugshot was nice though.

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