Part 1: Your Man Cheats; Who Do You Go After: The Woman Or Your Man?


It’s late at night and normally you would be sleep, but for some reason sleep escapes you. Your room is pitch black and you notice the glow of your guy’s phone. An unsaved number appears as notifications show several missed calls from said number. The phone rings again. You answer it. It’s a woman. What do you do? Do you A) go off, B) Inquire about her or C) Pack your guy’s clothes up and send him on his way?


Nothing curdles my blood more than me hearing or seeing the girlfriend/wife go after the other woman when she finds out her man is cheating. Now if the woman was aware, I can understand (I do not encourage) the aggression; however, at the end of the day, the only person that is obligated to respect you and the relationship is your partner. And if he respects you and the relationship, the “other women” will have no choice, but to respect you and the relationship hence there would be no other women.


I’ve witnessed women unleash online attacks on the other woman as well as stalk and show up to the woman’s job. All while, they forgive their dog-ass men.
It’s so easy to go after the other woman. I get it if she knew and still disrespected the relationship, but the fact still remains YOUR dude is who owes you respect. You can’t fight or harass every chick your man entertains because THEY ARE NOT the problem. The problem is YOU and YOUR MAN.


You are the problem because you tolerate the bullsh!t your man does. You’ve inevitably taught him how to treat you. As a result, he will continue to deal with other women because there aren’t any repercussions for him. You’ll get mad. Threaten to leave, but there aren’t any real consequences. He still has access to you. He’ll apologize and you guys will work on it because society has convinced you “all men cheat”.


You’ve got to do better sis.


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