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Paul George Fined for Kicking Ball into Stands


On Saturday, the Indiana Pacers took on the Chicago Bulls on their home court in Indianapolis. However, it seems like the 111-94 victory over the Midwestern team may have cost the Pacers forward.

Paul George has been fined $15,000 for accidentally kicking the basketball into the stands, the league announced on Tuesday. Subsequently, the ball hit a fan.

Apparently, it all started when George was fouled after a shot he took and there was no call. So, when the three-time All-Star drew a foul on the Bulls’ following possession with 1:42 left in the third, George kicked the basketball which ultimately hit a fan in the stands.

However, as a result, officials called a technical foul on the forward and kicked him out of the game.

Afterwards, George apologized for his action and to the fan who was hit. Apparently, he meant to kick the ball into the basketball stanchion and missed his target.

The fan in question was not injured.

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