Paul Pierce Launches CBD Company “The Truth,” Will Target Athletes With Mental And Physical Ailments

Former NBA star Paul Pierce is launching his own CBD company that will cater to the needs of athletes.

While the country is quickly moving towards being a more weed-friendly nation, there are still many stipulations and biases surrounding the Earth-grown plant. But Pierce, former Celtics star and ESPN basketball analyst, is making strides to not only capitalize on the billion dollar industry but also provide a safe and more natural option for pain relief in the professional sporting industry.

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive extract of the cannabis plant. Not to be confused with its more popular counterpart THC, which gives a more “high” feeling. According to a press release on Tuesday, Pierce is launching his own line of hemp-derived CBD, named “The Truth CBD Remedies,” that will be targeted towards his fellow athletes. Pierce, who is the CEO of the company, will also be dropping a new cartridge line to offer fellow athletes a product they can “fully trust.” “I’m passionate about making sure athletes have support before, during, and after the main event,” he said in a statement.

It appears Pierce may have faced some criticism for this new business venture. However, he set the record straight, claiming everyone has their own valid reasons for medicating with CBD. “To all the people who ask why I vape CBD who on here been stabbed 11 times had to deal with death threats and had to deal with anxiety when in large crowds and depression then u will know,” Pierce wrote via Twitter. Pierce explained CBD helped relieve him from severe depression, PTSD, and anxiety, which was triggered by his life-threatening stabbing incident in 2000.

CBD, unlike THC, works to keep you calm rather than the “high” feeling users receive when using cannabis. CBD, which can be derived from hemp and marijuana, affects brain receptors in a way that relieves and relaxes various mental and physical ailments.

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