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Phaedra Parks Admits She Was Being Petty in Regards to Kandi Burruss


At the end of the ninth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Phaedra Parks ruined her chances of rekindling a relationship with castmate, Kandi Burruss, all while sabotaging the relationship she had with Porsha Williams.

The two were already on the outs. However, it was a drugging rumor perpetuated by Parks and spread by Williams, that left Burruss in tears, fighting to reestablish her credibility and clear her name of the defamation.  

On Sunday, a brand-new episode titled, “Secrets Revealed,” showed never-before-seen footage of Parks during the season. In one clip in particular, several castmates got together to try to get Parks and Burruss to mend fences and make up. According to PEOPLE, the clip was shot after the two had a private conversation at dinner, way before Williams brought the drug drama to Burruss.

“The conversation sort of went awry because she brought up things that had happened in the past and that’s not what I was there for,” Parks said of her initial meeting with the singer. “I will say this, maybe I was being petty. But she never apologized about stuff that I’m like, ‘Unbelievable.’ I’ve been accused of turning her into the feds!”

The women gave Parks advice on how to move forward with Burruss, suggesting an apology to settle their squabble, but it appears their opinion went into one ear and out the other, as she revealed she no longer cared about Burruss or their long-lost friendship.

It seems like Parks could have avoided all the drama if she just took her castmates advice and mend things with Burruss. Instead, she told Williams that Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, had planned to drug her, claiming she heard it from Burruss, herself. However, at the reunion, after Williams had taken the heat for spreading the rumor during the season, Parks finally revealed she heard it from someone else and repeated it, leaving her with no friends and no job, as RHOA made the decision to give her the boot after the damaging rumors.

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  1. Each time she was given a way and she chose not to take it. She thought Andy would support her, wrong he is about ratings and sexual foolishness. He enjoyed every minute of it. He did not care about Kandi, Porsha nor Phaedra. His job is still there. Had professional women on TV talking about eating cat and threesomes, drugging and rape. All of u were an embarrassment and should be ashame of yourself. U made your bed, now lay in it. Totally disgusting and so is Andy.

  2. Kandi don’t need her and for to say that she was not a friend any way keep your head up and do what u being don’t ✌✌

  3. This entire situation should’ve never gone this far. It seems things took a turn for the worst when Apollo left some things at Kandis house. Phaedra always felt for some reason that Kandi didn’t have her back & was against her. This could’ve been settled a long time ago but Phaedra kept blaming Kandi for something she didn’t do. I don’t think Phaedra was ever Kandis friend. You don’t just assume things of this nature with a long term friend & not discuss it. Looks like the Southern Ball got what she deserved. Jeliousy is a horrible thing. Now Phaedra will get what she deserves. Karma will be her new bitch. I’m sure the Feds are still interested in her. After Apollo is released or divorced I wouldn’t be surprised if he admits her hand in his illegal activities. There’s no way your married to a man that has no job and he has money and you don’t know his source. Smh. She’s just as bad of a liar as she is a lawyer. Put those 5 degrees you have to use now honey. You’ll need them.

    • Yessss. Apollo stashing vehicles and some more at their house is what pushed her over the edge. Talk about salty, she got downright nasty and used Porsha’s ignorance as an aid. Smdh

  4. Stay off thes shows! The carnage amongst them and thier families never fails!

  5. Kandi was never a bad friend to Phaedra, Phaedra wanted Kandi to get on national TV during the time Apollo went to prison and pretend she was this grieving wife and mother when all along she was talking to another man. Kandi wouldn’t do it so she said Kandi was not there for her. Because Kandi and Todd keeping Apollo’s things isn’t enough to fall out with someone you call a friend. I don’t think Kandi was hiding Apollo stuff from the feds. Phaedra could’ve been upset, but eventually she could have gotten over it and rekindle her friendship with Kandi, but no Phaedra decided to make it into a storyline and used poor Porsha as a Pawn because Porsha is stupid and has a small brain according to Phaedra frog face Parks. Phaedra is very unhappy and has no friends because she’s afraid to live in her truth.

  6. Phaedra is not someone I’d want. to represent me in court,shE spread hateful,malicious, false statements about an illegal act or acts.These are not the actions of an astute attorney.

  7. I am so glad the light finally shined on that mess. I feel sooo sorry for Porsha I was not liking her at all for her role on being church mouse keeper. She was a true friend and took many blows for that church mouse. I hope she NEVER forgive that RAT. By the way I love Porsha’s song and the video was nice as well.

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