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Phaedra Parks Talks “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Says Show “Makes Things Up To Make Storylines Juicy”

Phaedra Parks is opening up about her whirlwind experience and exile from Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” In fact, after eight years on and three years off, the reality star is considering a triumphant return. 

In an interview with DailyMail TV, Parks discussed the idea of a comeback and revealed plans for a new TV project. She also recalled her time on the show, revealing that although she had no regrets, she realized that she was just “a character that [producers] are manipulating for their own benefit.” 

But, when it comes to Parks’ feud with co-star Kandi Burruss, who vowed to leave the show if Parks ever returned, the reality star said, “I find it amusing, because if she is that concerned about me three years later, I must have really impacted her life. So I’m glad I touched her like that.” 

As Parks continued, she opened up about the possibility of returning to the show and revealed how life has changed since her departure. 

“I know there’s lots of rumors swirling around about me returning to the housewives, but I haven’t had any discussions about returning,” she said. “I never say never to any opportunities, but I had a good run and you know, I’m very happy right now.” 

“i was on Real Housewives for eight years,” Parks said. “Both of my children were born on air, my ex spouse went to prison on the show. I had a lot of big events happen in my life on there so I’ve got a lot of great memories.” 

“I would never say never, but I’m in a very great place in my life…and you see this glow,” she continued, as she claimed most of the other drama on the show is far from “reality.” 

“That’s just nature of the beast, you can’t cry over spilled milk,” she said. “It is what it is. Reality shows are not real. They’re for entertainment at everyone else’s expense, except the people that make it, so you can’t regret anything.” 

“You just have to accept what it is and keep it moving,” she added, claiming she was also a victim of a slew of false allegations, as a result of the show. “They completely made up one story that I was dating an African prince the day Apollo went to prison.” 

“I was seeing some African man named Mr. Chocolate while I was breastfeeding my baby, going to mortuary school, my husband going to prison and I’ve got a two-year-old,” Parks said. “I mean, it was the most ludicrous, crazy thing in the world. I was never unfaithful in my marriage at all. But of course the show ran with it because it made for good TV.” 

“That’s the essence of reality Tv, they make things up to make storylines juicy,” she continued. “People love to watch other people having very tragic, dramatic situations that are out of control because it makes them feel like their life is not half as bad.”

Phaedra Parks Talks RHOA
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