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Pilar Sanders Prevails In Defamation Case With Deion Sanders


Pilar Sanders has prevailed.

In 2013, Pilar and Deion Sanders dissolved what remained of their marriage. The remnants of what was presumed to be love resulted in a bitter divorce that allowed Ms. Pilar to be awarded $1,000,000. Hurt, but not broken, Pilar spoke her truth about domestic violence and financial abuse.


She needed to reveal the injustice of the 366th District court of Collin County and how her ex was given preferential treatment that lead to her leaving a 15-year marriage without anything though there was community property that was accumulated . The marriage had funds commingled, but all went to the NFL Hall of Fame player.


Because Pilar’s truth didn’t elevate her ex-husband, Deion fired back with a defamation lawsuit alleging Pilar’s statements caused him detriment and were negligent. Without producing any evidence to support his claims that Pilar’s reality was non factual and done with malicious intent, the 366th District Court in Collin County sided with Deion awarding him a $2.2 million payout.

Deion’s win would offset the one million plus dollars he owed to Pilar from their divorce in 2013 . This judgment would leave his ex-wife owing him a little over a million dollars. Included in this defamation case were injunctions that would silence Pilar preventing her from ever speaking her reality and healing.

Pilar determined to continued to fight prevailed and on August 29, 2017, she found victory. The Dallas Fifth Circuit Court Of Appeals reversed Deion’s win, proving that Pilar’s statements were not defamatory nor could malice and negligence be concluded. Now that the tables have turned Deion must pay Pilar the 1 million dollars he’s owed her since their divorce in 2013 plus interest and court costs.

BA also heard and confirmed that Pilar Sanders won primary custody of her daughter Shelomi and son Shilo via her attorney Craig Jackson. Sources have disclosed that the siblings are enjoying living with their mother full-time.

BA also heard and confirmed that Pilar Sanders won primary custody of her daughter Shelomi and son Shilo via her attorney Craig Jackson. Sources have disclosed that the siblings are enjoying living with their mother full-time.

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  1. I’m going to help in adding facts to this story, Pilar was suppose to get 1 million based on prenup she signed….when deion filed divorce and attempted to give Pilar the 1 million she refused it. Asking for 125 million and claiming that she only signed some of the docs of the prenup and wanted the prenup voided….by law their prenup Trumps commingled funds and voids any community property… By attempting to back out of the prenup and get 125 million she forced her family to have court hearings and battles… She racked up 2million in attorneys fees, had to live with her mother (in a house which deion bought) all while not having enough money to pay the minimum payment on a $5,000 limit Citibank card ,forcing citibank to sue her…ultimately she loss in the end because the prenup was valid….that defamation suit deion filed was malicious in my opinion but the point was to get her to be quiet…deion has every right to silence someone he is in court against if he is a public figure and the courts support this by awarding his gag order..to this day she must choose her words wisely….the kids should be where they are most happy at whether with Pilar or deion…but all in all no judge should have given Pilar those kids at that time in 2012. She had no income, and refused to take a 1million pay day she agreed to. Proof that she regularly kept company with rappers was brought forth as well as a sex tape which was played in court of her having sex with a well known rapper…testimony was given by her own friends of her lying and plotting against her family and children..she was arrested twice within 6 months and one of those arrest was for domestic violence against deion in which her own friend testified..the other arrest was for her not returning her children to their father as agreed in the court ordered temporary custody agreement and kept the kids for 2 additional days and refusing to return them even after police urged her to do so…..she played victim over and over but the facts show that the courts found her to be guilty of breaking the law over and over again, note that judges gave her several warnings instead of putting her in jail…people make mistakes, so it’s good to see she is in a better place and can care for her kids…..I doubt seriously any man would allow the mother of his children to suffer financially… BUT under those 2012 circumstances it was reasonable for deion and the judge to keep her kids away from her.

    The defamation suit is well to be in her favor…she may have said many untrue things but no one should pay 2 million for being emotional during a break up…

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