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Pilar Sanders Sentenced To Seven Days In Jail

Deion Sanders ex-wife Pilar Sanders was sentenced to seven days in jail Tuesday, December 16th, for failing to return their children in a timely manner which was agreed upon in their divorce agreement.

Pilar was found in contempt, and was immediately taken into custody. The judge ruled that she did not bring their three children back to Deion on time and also took the children when it wasn’t her turn.

Pilar appeared in court without an attorney. As part of the ruling the judge has suspended her visitation rights indefinitely and has ordered her to remove all statements that are damaging to her ex-husband.

Personally I say if there’s a court order follow it. I recall a previous Baller Alert post in which the man didn’t follow the court order but I’ll just wait to hear you guys thoughts.


Source:Yahoo Sports

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