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Potential Sidechicks Love Being In Your Man’s Comments…Lingo Every Girlfriend Should Look Out For

Snooping, or browsing whatever people like to call it nowadays, occurs way too often in a relationship, especially when your woman’s intuition kicks in. Part of you keeps saying, “I have nothing to worry about” but then are parts of you didn’t forget about Nikki leaving those slick a$$ comments under your man’s pics.

You don’t want to come off as the jealous girlfriend, so you decide to let it rock and never ask him about it, but at some point, you notice something weird is definitely going on. She’s using phrases like “punk” or “big head” and “hey stranger” and that’s when it dawns on you. She’s the side chick or trying to become one.

Believe it or not, potential side chicks have an entire lingo that they’ve created to hide in plain sight, making you look like a total fool for suspecting them. They use phrases like “I hate you”  or “We’re gonna fight” not as indicators that they are pissed off or mad, but to really set up booty calls for later that night. “I hate you” is nothing more than a potential side chick looking for your man’s attention, and soon enough she will get it.

Men cosign this lingo because it makes you look crazy for bringing it up. “Who’s this b!tch Nikki talking about y’all gone fight?” Doesn’t that sound pretty dumb when you say it out loud? Though you are justified in your suspicions, there is absolutely nothing you can say that won’t make you look petty and jealous. Imagine starting a fight with “Why does that bitch keep LOL’ing under your pics? Shit wasn’t even that funny.” What she mean by Big Head?” or “Why does this hoe say she hates you, huh? She used to love you before?”

Now, of course your man is going to assure you that nothing is going on and make you feel stupid for even arguing over something so ridiculous. The lingo is dangerous and was deliberately set up to make every girlfriend feel “crazy.”

Sidechick lingo isn’t reserved for just words anymore. With everyone having a smartphone nowadays, emojis are now used to send subtle hints of vagina offerings to men who are taken. It’s really hard out here for a girlfriend to stay sane. There’s so much to look out for but no hardcore evidence to provide unless you’re checking your man’s Instagram DM’s when he isn’t paying attention or snooping through his phone.

What are some of the sidechick phrases you’ve seen used (or maybe used yourself)?

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