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Protesters Trash Six H&M Stores In South Africa Amid Outrage Over “Coolest Monkey” Sweatshirt

Amid the controversy over H&M’s “Coolest Monkey” fiasco, South African protesters have taken matters into their own hands.


After the Swedish fashion group displayed a new ad that featured a young black boy posing in a sweatshirt that read, “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle,” the company issued an apology and removed the display from all its marketing.


However, according to a spokesperson for The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), “the time of apologies for racism are over; there must be consequences to anti-black racism, period!” Although the model’s mother found no issue with the sweatshirt slogan, the EFF fought back against the racism.
The EFF protesters targeted six H&M stores in South Africa and trashed them. According to Reuters, the protestors took to the Gauteng province to launch their attack on the company. Several photos surfaced of the ransacked establishments and have since gone viral.

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  1. other day i went to h&m and it was EMPTY that just goes to show who really shops there our dollar is the majority when it comes to spending but not saving and having our own shit stop spending money black people

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