Quavo Exposes Rumored Romance With Nicki Minaj on “Huncho Dreams”: “I Be Tryin To Keep It Cool, But I Sniped Yo’ Ass”

Quavo Exposes Rumored Romance With Nicki Minaj on “Huncho Dreams”: “I Be Tryin To Keep It Cool, But I Sniped Yo’ Ass” – blogged by @msJennyb

Back in August, Nicki Minaj released her fourth studio album, “Queen,” which produced five singles including “Barbie Dreams,” Minaj’s remake of The Notorious B.I.G.’s 1994 song, “Just Playing (Dreams).” 

On the song, Minaj flips Biggie’s flow, where he rapped about his sexual desires for R&B singers, and instead, pokes fun at a slew of hip-hop artists, including Migos’ Quavo. 

“Somebody go and make sure Karrueche okay though/I heard she think I’m trying give the coochie to Quavo,” Minaj rapped. But, now, just two months later, Quavo has responded with his own song addressing the longstanding drama between the two.

As part of Quavo’s new solo album, “Quavo Huncho,” like Nicki, the rapper rapped about Minaj on the third track, titled “Huncho Dreams.” 

“She said I hurt her feelings 52 times (two)/ Call up queen (Nicki)/ The queen can’t flex on a young bull (Flex),” he rapped, referencing tensions between the two over last year’s mega hit, “Motor Sport,” featuring her and Cardi B. 

If you recall, in a U.K. interview with Capital Xtra, Cardi opened up about the record, and revealed how she ended up on the song with her now-arch nemesis, Minaj. 

“When I heard the track, her verse wasn’t finished,” Cardi said, at the time, of Nicki Minaj. “Well, it’s not the verse that is out right now – and Quavo told me to get on the song. And I just felt like it was the perfect opportunity for me to be on a track that’s big like that.” 

However, Minaj found issue with Cardi’s statement and placed the blame on Quavo. 

“The first interview she did after ‘Motorsport’ came out, it just really hurt me. She looked so aggravated and angry and the only thing she said was, ‘Oh, I didn’t hear that; I didn’t hear that verse.’ I was like, ‘What?!” She said. “I love Quavo – and at the time, on Twitter, I explained how ‘Motorsport’ came about. You know, people were saying that I was lying, so i texted Quavo and I said, ‘Hey, could you back me up on this? Because I don’t want people to think I’m lying…And he didn’t back me up…He texted me and he was like, ‘I would go on Twitter and back you up if you were my girl LOL.’ And that hurt, because he is somebody who…I love him.” 

As Quavo continued on the verse, he alluded to an intimate relationship with the Queens-bred rapper. 

“Made her scream (Scream) / Chanel, I bought her two of ’em / You can check IG (Hey, IG) / ‘Cause when she post, it go up (Go) / Is she for keeps? (For keeps) / Only if she come with two of ’em (Two) / Yeah, I be snipin’ (Snipe, snipe) / I can’t be wifin’ (Nah, no wife) / I know she feisty (Feisty, feisty) / I’m Huncho Bison (Huncho Bison) / She treat me righteous (Righteous, righteous).”

In July, Minaj shared a video of herself unboxing two Chanel gifts. 

Quavo also made references to Minaj’s exes, Meek Mill and Safaree Samuels, as well as 6ix9ine’s “FeFe” and Drake’s “In My Feelings.” 

“N—a don’t mean to brag (No) / I be tryin’ to keep it cool, but I sniped yo’ ass (Swear) / No ‘FEFE,’ I skeet-skeet (‘FEFE’) on yo’ face ass (Face ass, brrt-brrt) / Called up Huncho to come tap that ass (Swear) / Pull up on you, auto-tune when I grip that ass (Skeet, skeet) / Pullin’ on yo’ weave, ‘cross the room when I pipe that ass (Pipe it) / I see a queen on a tree-tree (What you see?) / She like the ride new boy tree-tree (Yeah, new boy) / I see a queen on the tree-tree (What you see?) / She like the ride that boy tree-tree (Yeah, new boy) / Nicki (Nicki), do you love me? (Please) / Why you crying? (Why?) / She don’t wanna be a queen unless she got me (Queen) / She don’t wanna be on scene unless we married (On scene) / No cap (No cap, yeah), for real (Hey) /Tea in my double cup, it can’t spill (Tea) / Left the fire on the dresser at the hotel (Fye, yeah) / Drunk as hell, made her cook some RO-TEL (Whip it, whip it),” the musician raps. “If the truth hurt, then I won’t tell (Truth).”

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