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Let’s Talk: How Important Is It To Talk About Racism In Your Household?

With all that’s going on in today’s society from the increase in racially-charged hate crimes and black men, women and children being gunned down by police to being publicly disrespected by the celebrity-in-chief, Trump, it’s extremely important to discuss racism within your household.


For years, racism wasn’t discussed as often in households due to many not wanting to push the issue onto their children. Today, racism is so blatant, especially as it’s spewed directly from the White House, that it needs to be discussed with our children to prevent the worst case scenario. They need to have a clear understanding that there are some ignorant people in this world that will not respect them because of the color of their skin. They must understand that people will hate them and target them because of a little extra melanin.


Many of us raise our children to love and respect others, but then you have some people that could care less how you or your children feel.


Racism is not an inherited trait. It is a learned behavior that has been pushed onto children at a young age. Children don’t just start hating other races, they are taught to be hateful.


It doesn’t make it any easier when you have a clown in office who takes every opportunity to put down other races and nationalities. We have to instill in our children that they are beautiful, they are smart , and most of all important.


Don’t let another day pass you by without having the conversation about racism with your children. They are never too young. Remember parents, you are your child’s first teacher.

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