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Ray J Blames Himself For Whitney Houston’s Fight With Stacy Francis

Former X-Factor star, Stacy Francis, made headlines when she reportedly got into a heated altercation with Whitney Houston days before Whitney’s death. The altercation was allegedly about Ray J, who Whitney was dating at the time. She apparently thought the “One Wish” singer was cheating on her with Stacy.


“We were the same kind of players. We were cheaters,” Ray J said on Celebrity Big Brother UK. “We loved each other … The moral compass was off, I was loving and lying.”


Both Ray J and Stacy are both cast members on this season’s Celebrity Big Brother UK,  and it was only a matter of time before the tragic incident with Whitney eventually came up — especially after Stacy was edited out of the show because fans thought she was boring.


“Ray J threw me under the bus. When people in America tried to make me out to be something I wasn’t, he never stood up for me. I want to know why he never said anything,” said Stacy.


“When Whitney Houston’s sister Pat went on the Oprah show and said I was stalking Whitney Houston in the club, I was not, we were all standing there talking and having a good time, he knows that, he knows the events of the whole night.”


“He never said this is a friend of my family,” she added. “I’ve known Ray and his family over 15 years; he never came to bat for me. I wish he had the heart to say she wasn’t stalking Whitney in the club, she’s a friend. It was a hard time, I lost everything.”


During one clip of the show, Stacy and Ray J are talking, in which Ray J takes full blame for what transpired. “It’s all my fault. All of that that happened, it just was my fault. I wasn’t there,” said Ray J.


In his confessional, he went further into detail.


“Stacy and I had a conversation about the incident that happened with Whitney because she asked. I never talk about it but it was something I felt she wanted to talk about.”I told them how I felt and how I blame myself on a lot of stuff. But I had to get up off it because I don’t like to get emotional. I don’t like to take myself back there. It caused some flashes and got back there. But I’m okay… It still effects me.”


In the end, Ray J does not believe Whitney’s death was intentional. “It wasn’t about no issues. It was just about her being up for too long and just falling asleep in the wrong place. That’s all it was. It wasn’t her time.”



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  1. I did not know that Whitney dated Ray J…

  2. Whitney and Ray J really dated?I forgot about that.

  3. Cause at the time they both didn’t want to admit they was fooling around. Ray J is a playa like he said, Whitney had her own stuff going on(drugs mainly as we see now). Ray J and her were not married and didn’t even want to tell the world they were dating and when she died it looks like he bounced back pretty fast ijs. He was another bad person in her life. Ninja where was you when she was in the tub? In another hotel room with another female I bet!

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