Ray J Defends Kanye West’s Visit To The White House, “We Always Wanted To Be In The Room”

Ray J visited #BBC Radio 1Xtra recently and gave his two cents on #KanyeWest’s meeting with #DonaldTrump at the White House. Ray said he applauded Kanye for sitting with Trump because “it is important to have someone in the room talking to the president” on behalf of the African American community. Say what!?

Social media ran down on the #LHHH star for not only supporting ‘Ye but for totally forgetting #BarackObama ever stepped foot in the White House…for 8 whole years! 

One user stated, “So we gonna forget Obama was in the room first. Sorrynotsorry… I have too much pride as a black woman to understand Kanye’s “bigger picture”! You don’t have to stoop low, go against history and your own people to prove a point to a white man! Who tf is Trump for you to sell your own soul to!? For Ray J! And bye K00nye. Servers are in the room as well doesn’t mean they’re part of the conversation.”

Another user who identifies as a Democrat said, “Kanye still canceled, but hopefully, he can make changes also while being a coon. The Democrats are majority black people, LGBT, righteous white people, other minorities that are fighting for change. The KKK and white nationalists have publicly announced their support for Trump and said he gave them courage.”

Does Ray J see the “bigger picture?” Do you agree with his stance? Speak on it!

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