Reggie Bush Returns To USC As Broadcaster After Being Ripped Of Heisman Trophy, Twitter Reacts With #FreeReggieBush Hashtag

Retired NFL player Reggie Bush was a fan favorite at USC as a star running back for the Trojans from 2003-2005, and even won a Heisman. However, he was disassociated from the program in 2010 following a lengthy investigation from the NCAA into impermissible benefits he allegedly received. He lost his Heisman and he wasn’t allowed to return to the program unless for work related purposes.

Well he’s back. And this time as an analyst for the company. During the recent Utes-Trojans game, Bush made his first remarks as pregame analyst by taking a moment to criticize USC’s warmup routine. His aim was at players who were practicing without shirts. 

Bush then made an appearance on the field during the game after the Trojans scored a touchdown going up 30-20. Joining the USC players in the end zone for a celebration unfortunately ended up costing the team 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct.

USC received 11 total penalties that game and despite Bush being the cause of one, fan’s chanted Reggie’s name following the game. The school may not have the same love for Reggie Bush, but the fans are Team Bush until the end.

Twitter fans weren’t too happy with the way the #NCAA and USC officials were treating Bush and created the hashtag, #FreeReggieBush insinuating the player is “locked away” from proper treatment from the NCAA.

One Twitter user wrote, “An actual goat. Seeing Reggie and Matt back at the Coliseum is so nostalgic. They started my love for USC and actually got me interested in football. F*ck  the NCAA. #FreeReggieBush”. Another tweeted, “Reggie Bush is part of the reason I hate the NCAA. They stripped him of EVERYTHING even his Heisman. He literally made college football exciting when the PAC12 ran the BCS. I miss ya #5 #FreeReggieBush”.

Do you think the 15-yard penalty was justified? Do you think Reggie is being unfairly treated?

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