Reggie Bush's Side Chick Preps For Their Baby's Arrival

Reggie Bush’s Side Chick Preps For Their Baby’s Arrival

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When Reggie Bush allegedly impregnated Miami waitress Monique Exposito, he knew he was going to have to cash out big time to keep her quiet. There’s only one problem, he supposedly gave her $3 million dollars for an abortion and her silence and she hasn’t held up her end of the bargain. Now, due on February 12, 2017, Exposito has listed her baby registry online and she’s not skimping on the luxuries for her little tyke.


Exposito is registered at Babies R Us where she has listed nearly 150 items in her registry. She’s listed everything from the basics like bottle brushes and mittens, to higher priced items like a $700 dresser, $700 stroller and a $500 chair. The entire registry is approximately $7,500, should Reggie Bush decide to front all the items himself.


Sources say Exposito has hired Florida attorney Marwan Porter and is gunning for child support. According to reports, there has not been a DNA test yet but Reggie will own up to his responsibilities should tests prove he is the father.


Reggie already has two children with his wife Lilit. Back in August we noticed that Lilit was posting thirst traps on Instagram. It turns out, this was around the same time Reggie was informed about his new baby. Reportedly he left Buffalo Bills training camp early to fly back to California to work things out with his wife.


Would you leave your husband and father of your two kids if he had a baby outside of your marriage? What is the deal breaker in your relationship?

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