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Ridiculous Superstitions Your Parents Made You Follow As A Kid


Growing up our parents shared many superstitions that they made you follow. Since their parents made them follow the superstitions, they pushed them onto us. Some have thought  “WTF” and then there are some that make you question whether or not you should follow. If I don’t follow, what is going to happen? I know I didn’t want to find out the consequences, so I went along with them.

If you are from the south, your parents definitely have a few ridiculous superstitions that they passed your way. We decided to ask our Twitter followers to name a few ridiculous superstitions that they had to follow growing up and here are few that they shared:


– Don’t sweep feet. It’s bad luck. If you do, you have to spit on it.

– Burn/Flush the hair from your comb/brush. If not, birds will make a nest with hair.

– Don’t put your purse on the floor or you’ll be broke.

– Don’t split the pole.

– No showers during a thunder or lightening storm or you’ll be electrocuted.

– If you dream of fish, someone’s pregnant.

– On New Years Day everybody in the house has to eat a spoonful of black eyed peas for good luck throughout the new year.

– If u break a mirror that’s 7 years of bad luck.

– Don’t let a man put his shoes under your bed or he’ll never leave.

To read more crazy superstitions from our followers, follow us on Twitter (BallerAlert) and join the conversation. What are some crazy superstitions your parents made you follow?

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