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Rob Kardashian Says Blac Chyna Refuses to Return Expensive Jewelry, Chyna Says She Doesn’t Have to


Last week, Rob Kardashian had a public meltdown over his ex-fianceé, Blac Chyna. The two had reportedly been on-and-off for months before finally calling it quits in December. Although the former couple remained cordial for their daughter, Dream, their romantic relationship was reportedly too toxic to stay together. However, when Chyna sent Rob a video of herself with another man, he lost it and exposed all of their personal business on social media. Amid the chaos, Kardashian revealed he’d spent several thousand dollars on jewelry for Chyna, just days before their public spat. But now, since things have turned sour between them, he is demanding the bling back.


According to TMZ, just days before Kardashian social media tirade, Kardashian invited a jeweler to Chyna’s house so that she could pick out a piece as a gift from him. The jeweler then decided to leave seven pieces with Chyna to give her more time to choose one. But, when Kardashian lashed out, she only returned three pieces and kept $125,000 worth of jewelry for herself, including a bracelet set she wore to court Monday.


Sources say, Chyna also tried to charge a large amount to Rob’s card to pay for some of the jewelry but the purchase was flagged and rejected. Apparently, the jeweler even tried to retrieve the jewelry from Chyna but the request was denied.


On the other hand, Chyna’s lawyer says Kardashian gave her client the seven pieces as a gift, therefore, she does not have to return them. According to Lisa Bloom, Chyna decided to return a few pieces in good faith after Kardashian’s social media fiasco. However, since the items were gifts, she was no obligated to return them. As for the bracelet set, she liked them so she decided to keep them.


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  1. Chya should give by three of the jewelry he gave her that’s being a Boss chick no but she is playing games with his feelings and got caught Rob love is one thing but being play is another take her to court let the courts make her give them back

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