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Robert Griffin III Announces Engagement & New Baby But He’s Still Married

Over the weekend, Robert Griffin III took to Instagram to announce that he had proposed to his girlfriend, Grete Šadeiko, and they are expecting a child together. Only one problem, Griffin is still married to his college sweetheart, Rebecca Liddicoat, and the divorce is getting messier.


You may recall, Griffin left his wife and daughter, filing for divorce and claiming “conflict of personalities” in 2016. Prior to officially filing for divorce, he was spotted with his new girlfriend’s name tattooed on his arm. Things got so ugly that last year, Liddicoat took to Twitter to blast Griffin for his transgressions.


It seems that Liddicoat has a few demands of her own before she lets Griffin ride off into the sunset with his new family.  According to court docs obtained by Bossip, Rebecca Liddicoat says that her estranged husband has cut off access to her American Express Platinum credit card and withheld money from her. Therefore, she’s been unable to pay the bills for “water, electricity, gas, cable television, landscaping, internet and pool service.”  The unemployed mother says that she’s been spending $36,000 a month on maintaining herself, their daughter and homes in Texas and Virginia without a steady income. She now requests that the court makes Robert Griffin III pay temporary child support, pay her attorney’s fees and expenses, pay temporary spousal support, and reinstate her platinum AMEX card.


Griffin wants the case to go through arbitration and not the judge. Though he has not forked over his financial information to his soon-to-be-ex-wife, he is willing to give his income information to the arbitrator when the time comes. Rebecca would rather the courts step in. For a moment, it seemed Liddicoat might not have a choice because she signed a prenup that specified that they’d go through arbitration on any “claim or controversy arising out of the agreement.” However, a judge ruled to block the arbitration. Griffin has filed an appeal.


In the meantime, Griffin is enjoying his new fiancee. The two got engaged over the weekend and RGIII took to social media to share the news, and the massive rock. “It is the greatest feeling to find the one who believes in love like you do, and I have that,” he wrote. “I found my peace. You deserve the world and I am honored to be the one to explore it with you and our beautiful baby to be”

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  1. He is such a clown for all this Beckery…can’t blame the soon-to-be-ex though. You could tell when he proposed that she was shocked. So-we enter into this marriage and have this family that YOU wanted–then you leave AND flop in your career? Uh-ehhh mofo you are gonna PAY!

  2. IS BECKY #2 AWARE THAT RG3, NO LONGER HAS AN NFL CONTRACT? he is a regular nigga making regular moves……..

  3. He’s kind of messed up looking – with F’d up teeth. He loves his white women. The first wife isn’t really attractive but has Tig-Ole-Bitties, so that’s why he jumped on that right away. After he spent a couple of years looking at her grill, he figured he could do better. Along came the cuter looking Estonian (who was looking for rich sucker/athlete – don’t tell me that she couldn’t find a better looking guy). Wife #1 is stuck raising a biracial baby alone in a white community. Meanwhile chick number 2 is stuck with this ugly mofo and his baby, while he’s got not job or future income, and his ex-wife is taking a chunk of his salary for child support.

    All 3 of these dopes deserve exactly what they signed up for.

  4. Just lost all respect for this dude. Guys like this make us good black men look terrible. I myself love all my ladies white,black,Asian,Mexican doesn’t matter. They were created for love.

  5. RG3 is just another example of black guys being used as a lottery ticket for opportunistic white women. This dumb fool will be broke soon and they will leave his dumb ugly broke butt.

  6. A dumb ass black man !!!!!! Blonde is dumber

  7. I’m sorry what did the first wife do to deserve this? They met in college, he was a star at Baylor, he could of had any broad at that school (and probably did). She did sign a prenup. Black men..we do loves us some white women.

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