Robin Givens Says Ex Howard Stern Was A “Magnificent Lover” Despite ”Small Penis” Rumors

Actress Robin Givens describes her ex #HowardStern as a “magnificent lover” despite rumors of his ”small penis.”

Givens, 54, stopped by Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” talk show to give an update on her life, but while there she was asked whether Stern’s “small penis” jokes were true. In response, the actress said, “Howard Stern was a magnificent lover. For real. Like unbelievable.” Givens, who was seemingly thrown off by the question added, “I’m not remembering anything right now,” with a laugh.

“We dated for a while,” she said, telling Cohen, “It was all good. It was all really good.” Stern has gone on record saying his penis jokes are merely for “great radio.” “I think I might as well be upfront about it,” he told Rolling Stone back in 1994 when asked about his “penis obsession.”

“No guy will ever admit to having a small penis. I just went on the record,” he continued. “I might be one of the smallest guys in the world … Who the f—’s going to admit to something like that? And that’s great radio. Because it’s someone being honest about their fears and emotions.”

And as for rumors that she hooked up with fellow actor #BradPitt, which were started by her ex-husband #MikeTyson, Given says they are completely false. Tyson said in his memoir he remembered seeing the two pull up in their driveway in the same car.  “Pulling up in the driveway — yes, that part’s true,” Givens said. “I was told that he said he caught us in bed, which never happened,” she said. “Never, ever, ever, happened.”

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