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Rockets Trevor Ariza Waits Outside Dallas Locker Room To Put Paws On Salah Mejri

Things got pretty heated during Tuesday night’s Dallas Mavericks game against the Houston Rockets. Although the Rockets pulled through with a 123-107 victory, Trevor Ariza still had a lot to get off his chest after the game.


It all started between the third and fourth quarters when Mavericks’ Salah Mejri allegedly made a derogatory comment to Ariza about Ariza’s wife and children. Ariza then exchanged words with Mejri, picking up his second technical foul of the game and getting himself ejected.


Things didn’t stop there, however. After the game, Ariza got dressed and decided it would be a great time to bring it straight to Mejri’s doorstep (locker room). Ariza and two body guards walked down to the Dallas Mavericks locker room. Reports say he was eventually joined by teammates Patrick Beverley, James Harden and Eric Gordon. Nothing much went down, however, because Dallas police officers were already stationed outside the locker room as part of their regular detail. The officers monitored the situation and made sure it did not escalate into anything physical.


Mavericks guard Deron Williams came out of the Mavericks locker room to try and calm Ariza down at one point. Ariza eventually left without further incident.


Salah Mejri denies ever saying anything about Trevor Ariza’s family. Ariza is described as normally being mild mannered, and even had his sons with him during this trip to Dallas, so to get to this point he would have had to have been very heated. Then again, this is the same Trevor Ariza that got into it with a fan on Twitter and told him to “pull up” and catch the fade. Anything is possible.



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