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Rocko Reportedly Being Sued For Child Support By The State Of Georgia

The State Of Georgia is suing rapper Rocko for child support for a child he allegedly fathered in 2006. 

The state’s special assistant Attorney General sued Rocko in January and named him as being legally responsible for providing support for the child. The Attorney General’s Office had previously sued the rapper over support for the child back in 2016, but the case was later dismissed. 

Tinashel Phillips, the child’s mother, claimed in court documents that she had a relationship with Rocko. But since giving birth to the young girl, the rapper has been inconsistent with both support and visitation of the child. 

Phillips claims that he’s given her about $2,000 over the years and has seen the girl about seven times in her life altogether. 

Ms. Phillips works as a chef and asked for a minimum of $650 a month in support for the child. Rocko had 30 days to respond to the case but never did. He now runs the risk of being put into default as a judge has ordered him to appear in court next month to explain why the attorney general’s request wasn’t granted. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The State’s Attorney is asking that the rapper immediately begin making payments to support the child, provide insurance and submit to a DNA if he believes that the child paternity is in question.

Rocko Under Investigation
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