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Roe Vs. Wade Lawyer Says Trump’s Daughters Won’t Let him Overturn the Ruling


As President-Elect Donald Trump seeks to overturn the decision that gave women the right to an abortion, Dr. Sarah Weddington says his daughter’s won’t allow it to happen.

TMZ caught up with the lawyer who won the Roe vs. Wade case in 1973. She spoke on the future of the ruling as well as her worries about the future of the country.

“Trump has been somebody that’s had different positions on this issue at different times. And he’s got enough female children that are very strong, I can’t imagine them letting the law be overturned,” she said. “I tend to worry more about Pence because he’s been absolutely against Roe vs. Wade as long as I can remember. And because he’s be running. I think in some ways he’ll be the key person on legislation for Trump. Right now, we’ve got about five judges on the Supreme Court that I would say favor Roe vs. Wade. But, if he got one more on there that was a scant that might not be quite enough to overturn Roe, but certainly if he got two, it probably would be.”

“Trump is basically saying that women will have to move across state lines to get the services they need. So, that means there’s going to have to be a lot of organization, to try to have the money that women without funds are going to need to get places where they can get services. Its been a wake up call for a lot of women, particularly younger women, who never went through the period when a lot of women had abortions from people who were not equipped, didn’t know how to do an abortion.”

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  1. He might listen to Ivanka, but Tiffany ain’t telling him shit. Be afraid, use birth control.

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