Roseanne Goes On Rant About LGTBQ’s Usage Of “F*G,” Says She’s Queer: “It Is A Hateful Word And You Should Get Rid Of It”

Roseanne Barr now claims she is a part of the LGBTQ community.

Barr has surely set a bar for saying extremely controversial things these last few months. Now she claims she is “queer.”  On Sunday, the former comedian-actress uploaded a series of 10 now-deleted YouTube videos, two of which now have Barr’s name in headlines. In the videos, Barr explained that the word “f*g” shouldn’t be used by anyone, including the LGTBQ community.

“Man, the word f-g is a really hateful word, isn’t it? Especially when it’s like one gay calling another gay guy that,” Barr reportedly said in one of the videos. Barr then questioned why she’s not allowed to say the slur and then immediately responded to her own question.

“Oh, I just can’t say the word; well, I can while I’m in the house, but I can’t say it outside the house,” she concluded. “OK, I get your rules. But it is a hateful word, and you should get rid of it.” She continued, “We’ve got to transform” that particular word and what it means,” Barr apparently said in another video about the same term. “I want to talk about that word that shames gay kids. I really want to turn that word around. Who’s using it and why?”

Barr then revealed that she is “queer.” “I put the ‘Q’ in LBGTQ because I am queer as two motherf–kers,” she said. “I’m queer; I’m alien, I don’t belong here with all these people. They make no sense. They are very queer. And that makes me a queer, I guess. But I did put the ‘Q’ in it!” While it may seem that she was coming out to the world, the words she used in her announcement merely showed she meant she is queer by the word’s older definition, which stood for odd or strange.  “Queer,” like many other words used by specific groups of people, is transformative and over time takes on new meanings.

Barr has a long past with posting and deleting insensitive and offensive statements; these actions are what ultimately had her fired from her hit ABC show “Roseanne.”

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