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Satire Movie ‘Loqueesha’ Slammed For Its Over The Top Stereotyping Of Black Women

There’s a trailer circulating social media for an upcoming movie called ‘Loqueesha,’ and the reviews are HORRIBLE. Many critics are straight up offended while others are confused as to why the film was ever thought of in the first place. Get this…

Loqueesha,’ which is written, produced and starring Jeremy Saville, is about a white male bartender who disguised his voice as a stereotypical black woman to get a radio host job he couldn’t get as himself. The plot alone is questionable; however, there are a couple of scenes that were absolutely offensive…and they’re just from the trailer.

In one scene, a White-sounding woman calls into the radio show to talk to Loqueesha and was greeted with, “Oh I ain’t talkin’ to you; not the way you soundin’. Next caller.” Loqueesha then hangs up in the lady’s face. In another scene, a caller is threatening to jump from a bridge, and Loqueesha replies, “Well, thanks fo’ callin’; enjoy yo’ jump.”

Twitter has been on the movie’s neck since the trailer released and there is even an investigation into claims that the film was selected for the 2019 San Luis Obispo Film Festival.  

The festival tweeted, “In regards to the trailer for the film “Loqueesha,” this film was never selected, screened, or given an award at our festival. The SLO Film Fest laurels were taken without permission, and we are currently working to have them removed.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Nah everybody behind this Loqueesha movie gotta catch this work. This sh*t foul.” Activist Tariq Nasheed tweeted: “This Loqueesha garbage-(which is simply a continuation of the Amos & Andy, anti-Black minstrel tradition of systematic white supremacy) is further reason why Black Americans need reparations.”

LoQueesha Movie

How do you feel about the trailer for ‘Loqueesha’?

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