Scammer Ferrari Shooting To Be On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Remember Ferrari? The man who claimed to be dating Blac Chyna and tried to get Rob Kardashian to pay him $500k to leave her alone? He was also outed as a scammer, having been arrested and going by various names and social media pages online. Now, since Rob Kardashian’s online blow-up, Ferrari has gained popularity and wants to further capitalize on it by joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.


Sources close to the situation tell Baller Alert that Mona Scott-Young reached out to Ferrari to interview for the show shortly after he posted photos of him and Blac Chyna online.  According to TMZ, both parties are “far along” in hashing out the details and although contracts haven’t been signed yet, there’s a high possibility you could be seeing Ferrari on the next season.


Producers reportedly love the drama that Ferrari brings and that he is down to go toe-to-toe with anybody. If the deal goes through, Ferrari and his new boo will be featured on the show. For now, Ferrari is just waiting for the right numbers ($$$) to be presented.

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